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Evaluating Internet Information

Why is it necessary to evaluate online information? 
There are three basic reasons for evaluating web information.  First, the quality of sources varies widely; the rapid growth in technology prevents information from being checked for accuracy; and finally you may find other resources are more helpful.
  • Almost anyone can publish on the World Wide Web.
  • Editors and “fact checkers" are not always used to verify site information.
  • Links are not necessarily as reliable as the information on the original web page.
  • Accuracy is not ensured since web standards are not fully developed.
  • Not always possible to determine author of a website.
  • Even when an author is listed, qualifications may not be provided.
Lack of Objectivity
  • The author’s perspective is not known and this can lead to information that is skewed and not necessarily accurate.

Web Hoaxes

With millions of new websites appearing daily throughout the Internet, it is difficult to decipher which ones are credible. You must carefully evaluate the sites to avoid inaccuracy in your research and reports. Check these sources for tips and help in identifying hoaxes on the Internet.