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A brief personal background:
I am a graduate of the University Of California, Irvine, where I received a degree in Economics.  I also earned a Masters in Business Administration from UCI.  During this time, I competed on both the UCI men's Water Polo team and the men's swim team (before the University dropped the entire swim program) :-(.
I have taught at Valencia High School since the early 80s. I was the Aquatic Director (swimming and water polo) for many, many seasons.
In addition to teaching at Valencia High School, I currently teach Financial Accounting at Fullerton College. I've taught at the college since 1992.
Additionally, for almost 100 years, I have been a senior seasonal area supervisor for the City of Laguna Beach--Department of Marine Safety.
Please email me if you have questions!


Intro to Finance Tech (AKA: Computer Technology 1A/1B)

Periods 1 



COURSE TITLE:                                                                                                                 

Intro to Finance Technology

(AKA: Computer Technology)                                                                              

Room 1114                                                                                                                  

Grade check:  Aeries Grade book                                             Mr. Guest, Instructor







UNITS OF CREDIT:        Five credits each semester


PREREQUISITES:          Keyboarding Skills


SOFTWARE USED:       Microsoft Office–Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Windows Operating System, Internet Applications, Electronic Portfolio, Adobe Acrobat/PDF, Scanning, etc.


LAB HOURS:                   After SchoolClassroom lab:  See posted schedule.        Library Lab:  Time as posted   Other hours by arrangement only.




                                        Students are expected to know and follow ALL computer lab rules and the academic integrity policy.  (See AUP, Behavior Contract, and the Academic Integrity Policy).


At the end of this semester course, students will be able to:  (subject to change)


  1. Operate a computer with confidence and use skills as a tool to improve achievement.


  1. Use the Windows operating system to manage files, create folders, control printing, and other processes needed for computer operations. Use Windows accessories (i.e. Use WordPad, Notepad, or Paint.)


  1. Use computer applications software: Microsoft Office with Word (word processing), Excel (spreadsheet), Access (database), and PowerPoint (presentations).


  1. Learn to use the Internet efficiently including learning how to properly evaluate information published on the Internet.


  1. Understand and use the vocabulary of today's computer world.


  1. Proper care for computers, printers, and other devices (electronic media, storage devices, etc.).


  1. Keep a well-organized, complete reference notebook and develop an electronic portfolio.


  1. Learn to use the Val Tech digital asset management program (Google Drive).


  1. Develop an awareness of career opportunities in the computer field.




Grades will be based on the following scale.

                        A = 100 and 90 percent      =          Awesome, All done...

                        B =   80 and 70 percent      =          Basically Beautiful, BUT...

                        C =   60 and 50 percent      =          Average

                        D =   40 and 30 percent      =          Didn't quite finish...YET

                        F =   20 and 10 percent      =          Failed to complete...for now



                                                                                                                            Approximate Points*

                                                                                                                        1st Semester  2nd Semester

  1. Exercises/Lessons                                                                              1600                 1800
  2. Quizzes/Tests                                                                                       800                   700  
  3. Notebook/Electronic Portfolio                                                               200                   200
  4. Final Exam                                                                                           200                   200

TOTAL POSSIBLE POINTS (APPROXIMATE) each semester                   2800                 2900

(*Subject to change)



Late homework is accepted—but with a penalty. Late classwork is also accepted, but depending on the situation, a penalty may be assessed if the work is more than 2 weeks late. See the PYLUSD’s Homework Policy for specifics.  Books are to remain in the classroom.  Use the book that is numbered to match your computer number.


ALL WORK MUST BE DONE AT VHS—using VHS’s computers.  No headphones or AirPods in class.  NO USB-STORAGE DEVICES (or similar storage media) ALLOWED ON CAMPUS.  Sorry, no exceptions.


SUPPLIES NEEDED:           All students will need one (1) notebook with section dividers.

                                                This notebook must be for Computer Technology ONLY! (NOT other classes.)


There are two options for notebooks.

  1. Students can purchase a notebook and dividers with tabs from school. (These can be provided to students who submit a $10.00 “student-produced material donation” to the VHS Finance Office. Students must bring the receipt to class to verify donation.) This donation covers limited printing.
  2. Students can bring and use a 3-ring notebook from home. (Notebook with five (5) divider tabs.) Student who bring notebooks from home will only be allowed to print class related material. No exceptions.


Students who purchased a notebook from the school may keep this notebook in the bookcase in the classroom while enrolled in Comp Tech.  Students who brought a notebook from home will store their notebook in their backpack—or carry it with them.


NOTE: At all times, the Val Tech/Comp Tech notebook must be well organized and complete.   ALL handouts, assignments, exercises, and notes are to be in your notebook. No loose papers, please.  Classwork will ONLY be graded if the work is properly placed in the Comp Tech notebook. No exceptions.  Students will get in the habit of putting all graded work, work in progress, handouts, etc. in their notebook. 


The divider-labels are: (1) Windows Basics, (2) Word, (3) Excel, (4) PowerPoint, and (5) Access,


The first semester students will establish an electronic portfolio. This will consist of the best work samples created by each individual student.  Val Tech students are required to maintain their electronic portfolio the entire 4-years they are enrolled at Valencia High School.





Periods 3, 4, 5, and 6 


Mr. Guest, Instructor:


Room 1114                                                                                                                 

Assignments and Grade check: 

Aeries Grade book  



Course Goal

The goal of this class is to give an introductory concept of Financial Accounting. This yearlong course covers most of the concepts taught in a first semester college-level accounting class.



Grading Procedures

The grading scale is based on points. Points are earned by completing assigned work and by taking tests and quizzes. The points earned by a student are divided by the total number of points possible.


Grading scale:





Below 58.45% is not a passing grade.


Points are awarded as follows:

Tests- 100 points

Homework- 50 points

Computer and other various projects- TBA


Homework policy:

Homework will be assigned every day and is worth 50 points for each completed packet. If homework is turned in late a 10-point deduction will be made for every day it is late with a maximum of 20 points taken off. If you are absent for an assignment you will have the amount of days you were absent to make up the work without a penalty.




If you are absent the day of a quiz or test you must make it up on your own time.  Please see me to make an appointment to make up the exam. If you return from an illness on the day of a test you will be responsible for taking that test unless you missed 2 or more days.






Non-Discrimination Statement

The Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District prohibits discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying in all district activities, programs, and employment based upon actual or perceived gender, gender identity, gender expression, race, ethnicity, color, religion, ancestry, nationality, national origin, ethnic group identification, immigration status, sex, sexual orientation, marital or parental status, pregnancy, age, physical or mental disability or on the basis of a person’s association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics. Reference: BP 0410; 1312.3; 4111.1; 5145.3; 5145.7; 4119.11/4219.11/4319.11
Compliance Officer for Complaints. Employee complaint: Rick Lopez, Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources (714) 985-8408. Title IX Sexual Harassment and any other discrimination complaints: Cary Johnson, Director, Educational Services (714) 985-8656. Americans with Disabilities Act complaints: Richard McAlindin, Executive Director, Instructional Support (714) 985-8727. Bullying, intimidation complaints: Rick Riegel, Administrator, Student Services (714) 985-8671
Procedure for Complaints. Uniform Complaint Policy Form 1312.3 (English), 1312.3 (Spanish). Williams Uniform Complaint Procedures Form 1312.4 (English) and 1312.4 (Spanish)
El Distrito Escolar Unificado Placentia-Yorba Linda, prohíbe la discriminación, acoso, intimidación, hostigamiento en todas las actividades, programas y empleo del distrito en base a género real o percibido, identificación de género, expresión de género, raza, etnia, color, religión ascendencia, nacionalidad, origen nacional, identificación de grupo étnico, estado de inmigración, sexo, orientación sexual, estatus marital o parental, embarazo, edad discapacidad física o mental o en base a la asociación de la persona con una persona o grupo, con una o más de estas características reales o percibidas. Referencia: BP 0410; 1312.3; 4111.1; 5145.3; 5145.7; 4119.11/4219.11/4319.11.
Quejas de empleados: Rick Lopez, Asistente de Superintendente, Recursos Humanos (714) 985-8408. Titulo IX Acoso Sexual y cualquier otra queja de discriminación: Cary Johnson, Director, Servicios Educativos (714) 985-8656. Americanos con Discapacidades Acta de quejas: Richard McAlindin, Director Ejecutivo, Apoyo Educativo (714) 985-8727. Quejas de acoso, intimidación: Rick Riegel, Administrador, Servicios Estudiantiles (714) 985-8671

Employee/Student Non-Fraternization Policy: BP 4101