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My Mission Statement:
I believe that all students can be successful, lifelong learners and that I can make a difference in their lives. I will contribute to their self-esteem, subject matter knowledge, and technical and academic competence by setting high expectations for them, establishing a classroom environment of mutual respect and cooperation, and teaching them that they have the power to succeed by the effort they put forth and by the choices they make. I will endeavor to develop their problem-solving and reasoning abilities so that they become informed, contributory citizens and workers in the global community of the future. I will plan each day to meet this objective with inspiration, motivation, and enthusiasm.

Education and Associations:
B.A. Mathematics and Economics, Cal State University Fullerton - 1980
M.A. Teaching, Grand Canyon University - 2001
California Clear Single Subject Teaching Credential: Economics, Mathematics, Computer Concepts and Applications (current)
Member: California Association for the Gifted (current)
Member: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (current)

Personal Information:
I am married and have three children that attended school in PYLUSD. My grandchildren are attending school in PYLUSD now. I believe in our district, our schools, and especially the work we do here at Valencia High School. Interacting with students is the best part of being a teacher at VHS. I believe that studying math unlocks reasoning skills necessary in all walks of life. To quote Jordan Ellenberg: "Math is woven into the way we reason. And math makes you better at things. Knowing mathematics is like wearing a pair of X-ray specs that reveal hidden structures underneath the messy and chaotic surface of the world. Math is a science about not being wrong about things, its techniques and habits hammered out by centuries of hard work and argument. With the tools of mathematics in hand, you can understand the world in a deeper, sounder, and more meaningful way." I look forward to working with your student this year; please do not hesitate to contact me.

Go Tigers!

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