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Mr. Le graduated from UCLA in 2003 with a Bachelor’s degree in English and Psychology and a minor in Applied Developmental Psychology.  In 2005, he received a Master’s degree in Education from the same institution.

His hobbies include biting the heads off of gummi bears and chewing on aluminum foil. He also likes camping, snowboarding, and occasionally writing short stories about nothing in particular.
Updated August 2020: Mr. Le's knees are no longer as strong as they used to be.  His beloved snowboard has been wasting away in the crawlspace of his attic.  He "glamps" instead of "camps."  He does, however, still eats far too many sweets for his own good.  His wife and kids want him to cut back.
Updated January 2023: Due to peer pressure, Mr. Le has resumed snowboarding.  He does so reluctantly, resentfully, but honestly, also for his own good. He likes to eat reeses pieces and thin mint cookies after placing them in the freezer.