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ROP Courses

Valencia has a plethora of ROP classes to choose from to give students additional avenues to seek success.  Check out these course offerings.

Check out NOCROP online to see what Valencia High School offers for ROP.

Careers with Children: Preschool Lab

This class prepares students for working with young children in preschool and home settings. In this class you will learn developmental stages of children. In the preschool lab setting, you will apply teaching methods to help children love to learn in a happy, structured environment. Second year students may become eligible for articulation with local community colleges, and may qualify to apply for the Child Development Assistant Permit from the State of California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. It is recommended that students take Child Development prior to this course.

Building Industry Technology Academy (BITA)
In this four-year, industry-supported academy you will learn carpentry/construction skills, and power/hand tool care and use in the school lab. You will participate in building trades association contests and you will have opportunities to volunteer for community projects such as Home Aid, Habitat for Humanity, and Paint your Heart Out. This class articulates with local community colleges.

Child Development

In this class you will study children’s developmental stages from conception through early adolescence. You will focus on the emotional/psychological, cognitive and physical aspects of development, and the influences on development of heredity and environmental factors. This class articulates with local community colleges. This course meets the UC College-preparatory Elective “g” requirement for admission.

Sports Medicine and Therapy

In this class you will learn how to prevent sports injuries by the use of proper body mechanics in exercise and to recognize and evaluate sports injuries when they occur.
You will learn rehabilitation methods and current treatment modalities. You will learn to assess health fitness and develop an exercise regimen to maintain and promote physical well-being. This class articulates with local community colleges.

Introduction to Culinary Arts

Students will train in basic culinary skills with the ProStart® curriculum. Learn garde manger (the art of fruit and vegetable carving), basic cooking and some international
cooking, safety and sanitation, nutrition basics, and food service operations. This class will prepare
you for entry-level jobs and advanced training.

Advanced Culinary Arts (
Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management)

Take cooking to an art form and learn skills for entry-level and mid-level
positions in the restaurant, baking, and food services industry using the ProStart® curriculum. Students will further enhance skills in food service operations, nutrition, and preparation and presentation of foods. Class includes: cost control, purchasing, inventory, marketing, sustainability in the restaurant and
food service industry, and global cuisine. You will gain social skills important for working with the public, and learn how to set up a dining room for your guests. Students also learn more about food and beverage products, and management essentials needed for building a career in the industry. Prerequisites:  completion of Introduction to Culinary Arts or instructor’s permission.

Forensic Science/Crime Scene Investigation (Introduction)

Investigation—In this class you will learn the basics of crime scene evidence collection and investigation, crime scene photography, and diagramming a crime scene. You will learn whom to interview and what questions to ask. You will sharpen your reasoning skills, your observation skills, and your knowledge of forensic science. This class articulates with local community colleges.

Legal and Law Enforcement

You will gain an understanding of criminal, traffic, juvenile law,
judicial proceedings and emergency preparedness. The class emphasizes the importance of safety,
effective communication, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills, as well as professional development. The class prepares you for advanced training. This class articulates with local community colleges.

Medical Careers I

Students will learn how to take patients’ vital signs, including blood pressure and temperature. This class includes the diverse medical and health services occupations found in hospitals, community health centers, and clinics. You will study the roles and responsibilities of various health care providers. This class will prepare you for further study in health care professions.
Medical Careers II (Body Systems and Disorders)

In this class you will learn human anatomy and physiology. You will study normal body system functions, diseases and body system disorders. You will also learn standards required of health workers, including ethical and legal responsibilities, safety, HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) rules, infection control, body mechanics, transporting duties, and advanced terminology. You will learn about health care delivery systems, regulatory agencies, research, current technology, and socio-economic issues affecting health care. This course meets the UC College-preparatory Elective “g” requirement for admission. Prerequisite: Medical Careers I.

To register see your counselor or
Mrs. Douglas, Career Guidance Specialist,
714 - 986 - 4970, ext. 10023.