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Mr. David N. Chung » Expectations, Rules, Procedures

Expectations, Rules, Procedures

In order to thrive, innovate, & build an authentic community of scholars, students will strive to meet the following expectations:

  • Humility
    • practice scholarly behavior
    • do not steal others' opportunities to learn or think (disruptions, disrespect, selfishness)
  • Leadership
    • be an example to others, a role model for others
    • take initiative
    • be prepared
    • help others with learning
  • Aggressiveness
    • defend your thoughts
    • use evidence to support your ideas
    • use multiple resources
  • Courage
    • take risks
    • respectfully challenge others
    • actively participate (no "I don't know" responses)
    • think "outside the box"


Therefore, in light of the expectations of intellect and etiquette in room 401, the following rules will allow the fulfillment of success and growth:

  • Always come prepared with the appropriate...
    • materials
    • attitude
    • effort
  • Respect and Care for...
    • the time
    • all classmates
    • the teacher
    • the classroom (school property, books, etc.).
      • Let’s keep our school materials, desks, and classroom clean!
  • Be present and on time to class everyday.
    • Students must be in their seats and ready to go when the bell rings.
      • Asking for paper, pencils, should not occur at any time during class...we should always have extra materials ready.
    • Students should not be packing up early. 
      • We "clean up" when there are about two minutes left before the end of the period.

  • Expect to be
    • writing
    • reading (literature and each others' writings)
    • speaking (class discussion, oral reports and performances)
    • listening (eye contact)
    • collaborating (working together in groups)

  • Make up assignments when absent and turn in all assignments on time.

  • Go through the Writing Process for compositions (pre-writing, drafting, conferencing, revising, editing, and publishing) [Language Arts Writing Standards 1, 2, 3].
  • Work responsibly together when in writing conferences and literature circles [Lang. Arts Writing & Reading Standards 1, 2, 3].
  • Master the writing genres (narrative, response to literature, persuasive, and expository) [Language Arts Writing Standards 2, 3].
  • Achieve competency in oral language skills [Lang. Arts Written & Oral English Language Standard 1].
  • Read and respond thoughtfully to a wide variety of literary and expository texts [Language Arts Writing & Reading Standards 1, 2].

  • Assess and reflect upon work and progress as a writer and compile work in portfolios [Language Arts Writing Standard 1].
  • Develop AND take ownership over a pattern and habit of regular home study and independent practice.

  • Adhere to the “BEHAVIOR VIOLATIONS & CONSEQUENCES” and “ATTENDANCE POLICY” (tardies, truancies, excused/unexcused absences, etc.) in the Valencia High School Student Handbook [visit the VHS website].
  • Strive to meet the “Valencia High School Expected School-wide Learning Results [ESLRs]

In order for these rules to be truly implemented, we, the community of room 401, will adhere to the following:


  • When someone is speaking to you, pause from what you are doing & give eye-contact to that person...
    • whether the teacher, other students
    • during the lesson, conference, or discussion.
    • Students obtain necessary materials for class (pen, notebook, textbook/novel, etc)
    • Warm-Up (Quick-Write, Grammar Exercise, &/or S.S.R.)
    • Mini-Lesson (Attentiveness, Note-taking)
      • Literary Task or Writing Task
    • Guided Practice
      • small groups, partners, lit. circles
    • Independent Practice &/or Cooperative Learning
    • Closure (Summary, Connection, Application, Reflection)

Failing to consistently follow the above-stated expectations, rules, or procedures, will lead to the following:


  • Verbal/Non-verbal Warning given to student by teacher
  • Short, personal conference and/or [depending on the severity of the offense]...
  • 10 minute detention with teacher before or after school or during lunch [and/or]...
  • Change of seat
  • Phone call home to parents/guardians [and/or]...
  • time out with another teacher
  • 30--45 Minute detention with teacher [and/or]
  • Referral/conference with counselor
  • Student, teacher, parent conference [with administrator/counselor if necessary]

REASONS for Disciplinary Action:
  • Lack of Progress
  • Disrespect
  • Minor Disruptive Behavior
  • Major Disruptive Behavior
  • Chronic Problems
    • Unprepared (for learning)
REASONS for Immediate Referral:
  • No-show to Teacher-Student Detention
  • Defiance
  • Truancies
  • Violence
  • Harassment
  • Profanity
  • Drugs, Alcohol
  • Substitute Teacher (Disrespect to, disruptive behavior to, defiance towards)
  • Cheating

Want to THRIVE?

Want to be in an environment where you are encouraged to INNOVATE?

Do you want to be ENGAGED in something WORTHWHILE, MEANINGFUL, and PRACTICAL?

Is it possible to actually LOOK FORWARD to coming to class, knowing that there will be GENUINE, AUTHENTIC, & EXHILARATING learning taking place?

Let's live up to these expectations, rules, & procedures!