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Val Tech Program

What is Val Tech?

Val Tech is a program for students with a special interest in and aptitude for technology. The Val Tech program offers eight different technology pathways. Each of the specialized pathways focuses on an in depth concentrated course of study based on student interest.



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Why should a student enter the Val Tech program?

  • To acquire 21st Century technological skills related to a chosen career pathway.
  • To prepare for continued education in a career technological pathway based on the students interests.
  • To prepare for specialized technological advancement in high-level college and university courses certificated programs.

What are the Val Tech program requirements?

The Val Tech Program requires 240 credits for graduation including a minimum of 50 credits in technology from the prescribed pathways, each of which incorporates a 150-hour/10-credit internship. The internship can be done during the summer between the junior and senior year or during the senior year. It will culminate in a research project and oral presentation. To be eligible for a tech diploma, a student will have to complete these requirements as well as develop an electronic portfolio.
Val Tech students must also meet district graduation requirements. These students are also able to fulfill both University of California and California State University entrance requirements.
For more information, please view or download the Val Tech Information Book.
Academy Registration November to February
Mrs. Bahner- Val Tech Counselor
(714) 996-4970 Ext. 10027
Mr. Johnson - Val Tech Coordinator
(714) 996-4970 Ext. 10812
Mrs. Hughes - Val Tech Internship Coordinator
(714) 996-4970 Ext. 10036
Mr. Guest - Val Tech Support Specialist (Class of 2018-19)
(714) 996-4970 Ext. 10045
Val Tech and Cyber Defense/Security
Valencia Academy
Cyber Security and Cyber Defense means acting in anticipation to oppose an attack against computers
and networks. High schools and universities are in the process of developing cyber security pathways
and degrees in response to the growth of career opportunities in cybersecurity.

U.S. News and World Report (May, 2016) stated that the profession is growing at a rate of 36.5%
through 2022. Many information security analysts enter the job market with a bachelor’s degree in
computer science with an ICT or cybersecurity specialty, programming or engineering. 
Download complete information using the file below.
Parent Testimonials About The Val Tech Program!

The technology requirements are:
 9th Grade:
Val Tech Intro Course
Health* (Zero period or summer school)
CCR Seminar*
(Zero period, summer school, or Directed Studies)

10th Grade:
Elective from prescribed pathway
(Some required sophomore courses may be offered Zero period)

11th Grade:
Up to four (4) semesters of technology classes from prescribed pathways.
Attendance at a pre-internship training seminar during the second semester.
12th Grade:
Up to four (4) semesters of technology classes, including a 150-hour/10-credit internship culminating in the presentation of the research project and an electronic portfolio before the Val Tech Internship Committee.
*Semester class
Val Tech Internship Program and Summer Course
The Val Tech Internship Program (V-TIP) is the capstone of Valencia High School's four-year Val Tech program. The purpose of V-TIP is to allow students to gain valuable experience and advanced technological skills as they explore potential career opportunities of interest to them. Each student—working with parents, the Val Tech Coordinator, and the V-TIP committee—will design, schedule, and complete a 150-hour internship program compatible with their career interests as well as take a summer course designed to support their internship success. This program is intended for highly self-disciplined students who can and will take responsibility for developing, planning, and successfully completing the Val Tech Internship Program.

To Get Started Download The Internship Book Now!

The Val Tech Internship book provides an overview of the entire Val Tech Internship program. Specific forms shown in the Internship book and the links in the table below can be downloaded from the student's Canvas site.
Evaluation Forms
First Evaluation Internship Host Agreement
Hours Log 1 to 50 hours Internship Application
Second Evaluation Student's Evaluation of Organization
Hours Log 51 to 100 hours Parent Acknowledgement
Third Evaluation Pre-Approval
Hours Log 101 to 150 hours Organization's Evaluation of Student
Letters Other Forms
Overview DMV Student Driver Registration Form
Val Tech Interest Form Waiver of Liability From
Potential Host Emergency Medical Waiver Form
Goals & Objectives  
Rubrics Other
Electronic Portfolio Research Paper Style Guide
Internship Timeline for Completing V-TIP
Oral Presentation Check-Off List
PowerPoint EP and Senior Year Check-Off List  
Research Paper  
Reflective Essay  

Valencia Academy Recommendation Forms and Applications


Please complete the 2018-2019 Academy Application and submit to Valencia High School.

Print a hard copy or email an online copy to Linda Gaunt