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ROP Courses

Valencia has a plethora of ROP classes to choose from to give students additional avenues to seek success.  Check out these course offerings.
ROP Department/Staff:
CTE Education Pathway
Candace Alonzo ([email protected])
CTE Photography Pathway
Mauro Cardoza ([email protected])
CTE Food Service/Culinary Arts and Hospitality Pathway
Chef Gary Bradford ([email protected])
CTE Residential & Commercial Construction Pathway
Roy Morrison ([email protected])
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Principles of Teaching & Learning


Principles of Teaching and Learning provides students with a history of major learning theories, trends in education, the sociology of education, and principles of teaching and learning. Included are an overview of the teaching profession, school governance, growth and development, classroom management, principles of effective teaching, and curriculum. In addition to classroom instruction, students participate in field work at school sites under the guidance of a mentor teacher. All students are required to observe and/or participate in a variety of settings and classrooms at the primary/elementary, middle/junior high, and/or secondary levels. The course prepares students for entry into college or university teacher training programs.


Teaching Students with Special Needs

 This course prepares students for employment as paraprofessionals in special education, English learner and extended day programs. This course also trains students for peer tutoring positions. As part of instruction, this course reinforces skills in reading, writing, speaking, listening and mathematics and requires their application in workplace situations. Integrated throughout the course are career preparation standards, which include communication, ethics, interpersonal/teamwork skills, critical thinking and problem solving, safety, technology and other employment skills. Students are given opportunities to demonstrate personal qualities including responsibility, self confidence and self management. Instruction is provided through classroom theory development, work based learning in special education programs.

Building Industry Technology Academy (BITA)
In this four-year, industry-supported academy you will learn carpentry/construction skills, and power/hand tool care and use in the school lab. You will participate in building trades association contests and you will have opportunities to volunteer for community projects such as Home Aid, Habitat for Humanity, and Paint your Heart Out. This class articulates with local community colleges. This course meets the UC College-preparatory Elective “g” requirement for admission.

Child Development

In this class you will study children’s developmental stages from conception through early adolescence. You will focus on the emotional/psychological, cognitive and physical aspects of development, and the influences on development of heredity and environmental factors. This class articulates with local community colleges. This course meets the UC College-preparatory Elective “g” requirement for admission.

Introduction to Culinary Arts

Students will train in basic culinary skills with the ProStart® curriculum. Learn garde manger (the art of fruit and vegetable carving), basic cooking and some international
cooking, safety and sanitation, nutrition basics, and food service operations. This class will prepare
you for entry-level jobs and advanced training. This course meets the UC College-preparatory Elective “g” requirement for admission.

Advanced Culinary Arts (
Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management)

Take cooking to an art form and learn skills for entry-level and mid-level
positions in the restaurant, baking, and food services industry using the ProStart® curriculum. Students will further enhance skills in food service operations, nutrition, and preparation and presentation of foods. Class includes: cost control, purchasing, inventory, marketing, sustainability in the restaurant and
food service industry, and global cuisine. You will gain social skills important for working with the public, and learn how to set up a dining room for your guests. Students also learn more about food and beverage products, and management essentials needed for building a career in the industry. Prerequisites:  completion of Introduction to Culinary Arts or instructor’s permission. This course meets the UC College-preparatory Elective “g” requirement for admission.


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