Period 0 Graphic Design-100_13 Assignments

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Final Project in Google Classroom

Final Project

For the final, you will be choosing any previously assigned project that you want to create.

THIS IS TO BE A NEW PROJECT.....not redoing an old assignment or finishing a partially done assignment.

Once it is complete, you will upload as a JPEG (or a video for GIF animation)
to the assignment folder. This is due June 13th for grade Levels 9 - 11.
Seniors, your project will be due this Friday the 7th.
Any late work will NOT be accepted.

NOTE: ***Any work you may want to keep for the future, I suggest you put it in your personal google drive.***


Vector Portrait 2 in Google Classroom

Vector Portrait 2

As in the previous Vector Portrait, you will use Adobe Illustrator to create a vector based Portrait or any type or vector art.

This should be a new vector art, not redoing the previous one or continuing an unfinished one.

The portrait can be any face you want. You may even choose to do an animal portrait or landscape etc.

Also, links to various versions of vector portraits for inspiration is attached.


Planner Cover Design in Google Classroom

Planner Cover Design

Every year the students in the graphic design classes are the ones
who design the planners that are used the following school year. Once
the planner project is complete, the VHS administration chooses the
planner cover that will be used.


Photoshop or Illustrator can be used. Use a bleed zone of 1/8 Inch for cut off. (Template attached for you download)
and will be explained in class.

Make sure to show guides.

Optional attached logos can be used.

Also there will be a safe zone for all text in the same template.

Background imagery, background patterns etc. can go to edge and beyond. Demo in class will be given on this.

Planner cover must visually include:

2024-2025 or 24-25 etc
Valencia High School or VHS
School logo (attached as PNG) Tiger Head Or V with Tiger Head

Words: "pride - tradition - excellence" somewhere on the cover design.


Movie Poster Design in Google Classroom

Movie Poster Design

You will be creating or recreating a movie poster, game design cover, or vintage TV series poster with YOU as the main character(s).

You will be using Adobe Photoshop mostly, but you can Illustrator if it is a highly graphic based image/design.

have the choice to recreate a movie poster that has been used in film,
TV or game design. Or you can design a brand new style of that poster or
cover art.


Research movie posters etc. on google images or and other sites to choose what movie poster you want to create or recreate.

you are trying to match and fully recreate the original, then take several pictures of
yourself and any other characters you want in the poster design so it
matches the original.


If you are creating a new original
style poster or cover art, you will still need to use yourself as the
main character in the art.

No matter what poster style you are creating, you must create it from scratch. You cannot use images or font images from the original. You will need to find the font and download or find a very similar font through

Examples of previous work done by student work are attached.

Size Guidelines: 11 x 14 Inches Portrait format


Adobe Animation in Google Classroom

Adobe Animation

We are going to learn the basics of animation using the animation app in the creative cloud.

1. Open the app from the finder menu. Blue/white face thing bottom left on doc.
2. We will complete the tutorial from the help menu titled fish animation.
3. The goal will be to eventually you will create and make your own animation.


Isometric Art in Google Classroom

Isometric Art

You will creating an original isometric art piece using a grid in abode illustrator.
There will be examples of finished projects shown and a tutorial in class of the process of how to make the grid.
Please make sure to follow the instructions carefully.
You can create any scene you want as long as it is in an isometric form.

Try a couple of practice ones that are just color and shape, then move into a concept one for the final.


Low Poly Portrait in Google Classroom

Low Poly Portrait

Low Poly Portrait

The assignment is to create a
polygon or low poly portrait. You can use yourself, celebrity or someone
you know as the subject matter. You can even chose to use an animal as
the subject matter. NO SIMPLE CARTOONS.

There will be demonstrations in class of the
process. You are encouraged to research online the process as well.

This is a very long and tedious process so please make sure you are working the entire time.

You will use Adobe Illustrator to complete the process.

Links below are a good start to researching and a video link in case you miss the demo in class.


Mandala Design in Google Classroom

Mandala Design

You will be creating a circular mandala design in Adobe Illustrator. You will learn about the visual
impact of patterns and symmetrical design in this assignment. Using the
polygon tool, line tool, shape tool, patterns and specific color
combinations, you will be making a radial design that contains whatever
creation you can imagine. Examples of one way to do the process are in
the link below. We will go over all of the steps on how to create this
mandala in class as well (some steps may differ from example steps).  
Make sure to have a solid plan and sketch out ideas so that you mandala
has meaning (symbols, specific color combos etc). You want to create
imagery in the design rather than just random colors, shapes and lines. Color schemes and
color theory will definitely have a major part in the final grade of the
project, but the IDEA AND CONCEPT are the key.


Typography in Google Classroom


You will be using adobe illustrator to create an original piece of
art that involves using the type tool and several other tools.

First, you will need to find a portrait online of the person who's face you wish to turn into a typography art piece.

Then bring the photo into illustrator and convert to a black and white picture. Then use image trace.

Then on a separate layer, you will fill in the spaces of the face where the
shadowing exists to create a contrast and shadowing illustrative effect.
All other areas will be left blank/white.

Examples of the style of how the final product can look are found in the attachments below.

You may use any portrait you want. Be sure the portrait you choose has HIGH CONTRAST and is a decent quality to work from.

11 x 14 inches Min.

300 resolution

Demonstration of the process and the tools needed to complete the project will be given in class.
Link to is also attached so you can download a simple font that will work best for this assignment.


OP ART in Google Classroom


In this lesson, you will be using Adobe Illustrator and/or
Photoshop to create at least 4 original pieces of art that create an optical
illusion (4 art boards) Using the shape tool, line segment tool, width tool and
others, you will create depth, form and illusion in spaces with in the
picture plane. Examples of OP Art can be found linked below.

Format can be any, but must be at least 11 inches on shortest length.

After most of the OP Art is made in illustrator, you can then switch over to Photoshop to enhance it if you wish.

A demonstration and use of op art, and the basic techniques we will be using will be given in class as well.


Logo Design in Google Classroom

Logo Design

The assignment is to create and develop a logo that represents you or your brand.
You will need to sketch on paper and use Adobe Illustrator to complete this
assignment. We will go through the process and the tools you
will need to complete this assignment (Pencil, Paper, Illustrator Pen tool, Line Segment, Shape tool, Pathfinder tool etc.)

You will need to create several drawings (100) of ideas for possible logos.
These are to be very simple sketches. NOT DETAILED. Silhouette form
will be the best approach.

You will sketch them up on regular paper. (2 pages, both sides, 25 sketches on each side) 100 sketches total. I will show examples of the

After you have completed (100) sketches, you will then choose the ones that will be worked up on the computer. It can be more than one idea.

You will then use adobe illustrator to complete the digital portion of the
logo design. This step will take revision as well. Logos are an evolving
process. They are NOT made quickly. So make sure you take your time choosing a logo that is simple and clean, yet something that would stand out and could be used on a variety of products.

Your grade will depend on completing the drawings, revising the drawing(s) up on the computer and turning in the final logo.

of clean logos drawn out and reworked are attached for your reference.
The final logo layout will be gone over in class.


Digital Painting 2 in Google Classroom

Digital Painting 2

You will now create a digital painting of your choice and place the finished file here.

Attached are some videos that will help you with advanced techniques and digital painting processes.

Demo of new techniques and tools will be shown in class.


Digital Painting 1 in Google Classroom

Digital Painting 1

Create a digital painting using Adobe Photoshop.

First you will watch, follow along and complete the attached apple digital painting tutorial before moving into your final painting. This will help with understanding how digital painting works.

There will also be demonstrations in class.

Download the brushes attached and they should automatically load into your brush settings. I Will DEMO this process of how to download the brushes.

Any format is okay. Square Portrait or Landscape.

At least and 11 x 14 inch file. 300 dpi


Intro to Photoshop and Masking in Photoshop in Google Classroom

Intro to Photoshop and Masking in Photoshop

We are going to start using Adobe Photoshop.

We will start with a masking project.

For this assignment you will be using the selecting and masking tools in Photoshop to create an original scene built from various images.

For Example: You will be taking a person(s) or any living figure(s) from an existing photo and removing the background, and placing it into a new background. You will do this for several figures and compile a new scene using masking, lighting, color correction and other tools.

Photoshop masking techniques and other demonstrated techniques will be shown in class.(masking, shadow
creation, lighting, color correction etc).

The final goal is to correctly place the masked images in a new scene that share the same
atmosphere and lighting to fool the viewer into thinking the images
where there all along.

The link below is for your reference in case you want to look at some Photoshop techniques and tutorials on your own.

NOTE: ** You should think about the scene (AND LIGHTING) you want to create before you choose the images you are going to place in that scene.**


Vector Portrait  in Google Classroom

Vector Portrait

In this assignment you will be creating a vector style portrait
using Adobe Illustrator. You can choose any person as a reference to
create the portrait.

For example, it may include your favorite celebrity, musician, actor etc. Or even an Animal.

**NOTE: You are required to use a realistic picture. NOT A CARTOON or Animation style picture**

can start getting an understanding of how to create the portrait by
viewing the video attached (MUTED ) that goes over the process. You may want to
pause and restart a few times throughout the process since it may be made at a higher
than normal speed.

There are also some examples that are attached of finished pieces.

will also be demonstrating and going over the process in class and
covering new tools and techniques you will use in this project.


Symmetry in Google Classroom


In adobe Illustrator, create an original artwork that uses
symmetrical design as the main component.

Tools to use will include the pen tool, shape tool,
mesh tool, width tool and more.

Demonstration will be given in class after watching the attached video.

There are also links to several types of symmetry pieces of art for inspiration. However, you are to make an original piece of art, not copy something that already exists. You work must have meaning and symbolism.

For those of you that prefer to sketch ideas out, you are welcome to do so.


Pen Tool in Google Classroom

Pen Tool

Open, Download, and Place each of these images into a NEW adobe illustrator document and trace each one on a separate layer using the pen tool.
A demonstration will be given in class on the process.