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Final project submissions in Google Classroom

Final project submissions

1) Take a picture of the front and back of your visual and post it. 
2) Upload any other presentation materials you want to share (writing, notes, pictures). 
3) This part of your grade is individual (you get a group grade for the in-class participation and presentation). 


LAST SAT WOW: Motivation in Google Classroom

LAST SAT WOW: Motivation

•Tenacious - Persistent, determined, and holding firm to a course of action.
•Quote: “The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.” —Amelia Earhart

•Intrepid - Fearless, adventurous, and unshaken by difficulty.
• Quote: “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

•Fortitude - Strength of mind that enables a person to encounter danger or bear pain or adversity with courage.
•Quote: “In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.” — Albert Camus

•Resolute - Admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering. 
•Quote “The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.” — Mark Twain


SAT WOW 5/27-5/31 (Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw) in Google Classroom

SAT WOW 5/27-5/31 (Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw)

•Prudence (noun) - the quality of being practical for the future.
•Quote: "Therefore be patient, take no note of him. It is my will, the which if thou respect, Show a fair presence and put off these frowns, An ill-beseeming semblance for a feast." (Lord Capulet to Tybalt, Act 1, Scene 5)
•Relation to Routine: Incorporating prudence into daily life means making thoughtful decisions that contribute to long-term well-being.

•Temperate (adj) - moderate or self-restrained; not extreme in opinion, statement, etc.
•Quote: "These times of woe afford no time to woo. Madam, good night: commend me to your daughter." (Paris to Lady Capulet, Act 3, Scene 4)
•Relation to Routine: Living a temperate lifestyle involves balancing work, rest, and recreation to maintain emotional and physical health.

•Expedient (adj) - conducive to advantage or interest, as opposed to right.
•Quote: "I think it best you married with the county. O, he's a lovely gentleman! Romeo's a dishclout to him." (Nurse to Juliet, Act 3, Scene 5).
•Relation to Routine: Choosing expedient actions can sometimes mean selecting the most beneficial habits that support one’s immediate needs effectively.

•Vigilance (noun) - the action or state of keeping careful watch for possible danger or difficulties.
•Quote: "I must up-fill this osier cage of ours With baleful weeds and precious-juiced flowers." (Friar Lawrence, Act 2, Scene 3)
•Relation to Routine: Practicing vigilance involves maintaining awareness of one’s health and emotional state, allowing for proactive management of well-being.


SAT WOW 5/20-5/24 (Habit 6: Synergize) and Romeo/Juliet in Google Classroom

SAT WOW 5/20-5/24 (Habit 6: Synergize) and Romeo/Juliet

•Alliance: A union or association formed for mutual benefit, especially between countries or organizations.
•Quote: In Act 2, Scene 3, Friar Laurence says to Romeo, "In one respect I'll thy assistant be; For this alliance may so happy prove, To turn your households' rancour to pure love." This reflects the idea of forming an alliance to transform the feud between the Montagues and the Capulets into peace.

•Concord:: Agreement or harmony between people or groups.
•Quote: In Act 2, Scene 6, Friar Laurence advises Romeo and Juliet, "These violent delights have violent ends And in their triumph die, like fire and powder, Which as they kiss consume: the sweetest honey Is loathsome in his own deliciousness And in the taste confounds
the appetite: Therefore love moderately; long love doth so; Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow." Here, Friar Laurence speaks about the
importance of balance and harmony in their actions.

•Cooperation: •Definition: The process of working together to the same end.
•Quote: In Act 1, Scene 5, Lord Capulet speaks to Tybalt, "He shall be endured: What, goodman boy! I say, he shall: go to; Am I the
master here, or you? go to. You'll not endure him! God shall mend my soul, You'll make a mutiny among my guests!" This highlights the need for cooperation and restraint during the party to avoid conflict.

•Unity: The state of being united or joined as a whole.
•Quote: In Act 5, Scene 3, Prince Escalus remarks, "See, what a scourge is laid upon your hate, That heaven finds means to kill your joys with love. And I for winking at your discords too Have lost a brace of kinsmen: all are punish'd." This quote reflects on the tragic consequences of disunity and points toward a mournful recognition of the need for unity between the feuding families.


Personal Mission Statement in Google Classroom

Personal Mission Statement

We are working our way through the ideas in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens. As we started in class, please answer the following 10 questions to start building your Personal Mission Statement. As with most things, you will only get out what you put in. 

1. Think of a person who made a positive difference in your life. What qualities does that person have that you would like to develop?
2. Imagine 20 years from now—you are surrounded by the most important people in your life. Who are they and what are you doing?
3. If a steel beam (6 inches wide) were placed across two skyscrapers, for what would you be willing to cross? A thousand dollars? A million? Your pet? Your brother? Fame? Think carefully…
4. If you could spend one day in a great library studying anything you wanted, what would you study?
5. List 10 things you love to do. It could be singing, dancing, looking at magazines, drawing, reading, daydreaming … anything you absolutely love to do!
6. Describe a time when you were deeply inspired.
7. Five years from now, your local paper does a story about you and they want to interview three people … a parent, a brother or sister, and a friend. What would you want them to say about you?
8. Think of something that represents you … a rose, a song, an animal… anything. Why does it represent you?
9.  If you could spend an hour with any person who ever lived, who would that be? Why that person? What would you ask?
10. Everyone has one or more talents. Which of the ones here are you good at? Or write down ones not listed.

Good with numbers
Good with words
Creative thinking
Making things happen
Sensing needs
Working well with
Memorizing things
Decision making
Building things
Accepting others
Predicting what will



SAT WOW (from novels) 5/13-5/17 in Google Classroom

SAT WOW (from novels) 5/13-5/17

Romeo and Juliet SAT WOW 5/13-5/17 (Habit 5: seek first to understand, then to be understood)

•Conciliatory (adjective) - intended or likely to placate or pacify.
•Quote: "Thy form cries out thou art; Thy tears are womanish." - Romeo
•Context: This can reflect an attempt to understand the emotions and reactions of others, showing a conciliatory approach
to emotional expressions, which is essential before expecting to be understood.

•Prudent (adjective) - acting with or showing care and thought for the future.
•Quote: "Therefore, love moderately; long love doth so; Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow." - Friar Lawrence
•Context: Friar Lawrence advises Romeo to approach his love with moderation, suggesting a prudent approach to understanding and expressing emotions in a balanced way before expecting to be understood.

•Cognizance (noun) - knowledge, awareness, or notice.
•Quote: "He jests at scars that never felt a wound." - Romeo
•Context: Romeo critiques Mercutio’s lack of understanding of love’s pain, pointing out the importance of cognizance of others' experiences as a prerequisite to being understood.

•Insight (noun) - the capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing.
•Quote: "Alas, that love, whose view is muffled still, Should without eyes see pathways to his will!" - Romeo
•Context: Romeo speaks of love’s ability to navigate and understand even without sight, highlighting the role of insight in understanding complex emotions and situations inherently before being understood.


SAT WOW (from novels) 5/6-5/10 in Google Classroom

SAT WOW (from novels) 5/6-5/10

Working together with others to achieve mutual goals.
"But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and
Juliet is the sun." (Act 2, Scene 2). Romeo uses this metaphor to praise
Juliet, which sets the stage for their collaboration to defy family boundaries and pursue their love.

•Synergy: The enhanced outcome when combined efforts produce a result greater than individual contributions.
"O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright!" (Act 1, Scene 5).
Romeo describes Juliet’s beauty in a way that hints at the powerful synergy between them, which drives the intensity of their relationship.

•Negotiation: The process of discussing terms to find mutually beneficial agreements.
"Deny thy father and refuse thy name; Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn
my love, And I'll no longer be a Capulet." (Act 2, Scene 2). Juliet is
negotiating terms with Romeo, suggesting they defy their families’ feud for the sake of their love.

•Empathy: The ability to understand and share the feelings and perspectives of others to create a cooperative atmosphere.
•Quote "My only love sprung from my only hate! Too early seen unknown, and known too late!" (Act 1, Scene 5). Juliet empathizes with the internal struggle that comes from falling in love with Romeo despite the feud between their families.


SAT WOW 4/29-5/3 in Google Classroom

SAT WOW 4/29-5/3

You know what to do. Fill out the vocabulary with your example sentence. Make a picture or drag and drop and suitable image. 
Pernicious (adj.) - having a harmful effect, especially in a gradual or subtle way.

•Quote: Friar Laurence:
These violent delights have violent ends
And in their triumph die, like fire and
powder, Which as they kiss consume: the sweetest honey
Is loathsome in his own deliciousness
And in the taste confounds the appetite:
Context: Friar Laurence uses this to warn
Romeo that sudden joys have sudden endings and that their passionate love could
lead to destructive outcomes.

Prodigious (adj.)- something is very large, impressive, or marvelous.

•Quote: "Prodigious birth of love it is to me, That I must love a loathed enemy."
•Context: Juliet speaks this line upon learning that Romeo is a Montague, the enemy of her family.

Importune (v.) - to ask someone pressingly and persistently for or to do something.

•Quote: "I do beseech you, sir, have patience: Your looks are pale and wild, and do importune me. Who is the man?“ (Act
5, Scene 1)
•Context: Juliet, anxious and confused, begs her nurse to be patient and explain the news she brings.

Invocation (n.) - the action of invoking something or someone for assistance or as an authority.

•Quote: "O, then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do; They pray, grant thou, lest faith turn   to despair.“
•Context: Romeo speaks this line to Juliet during their first meeting at the Capulet ball. He uses the term "invocation" metaphorically to elevate his request for a kiss to a spiritual plea,


SAT WOW 4/22 to 4/26 in Google Classroom

SAT WOW 4/22 to 4/26


SAT WOW 4/15-4/19 in Google Classroom

SAT WOW 4/15-4/19

•Assuage -
(verb): To make (an unpleasant feeling) less intense; to ease. In the novel, this word is used at the very beginning to describe how the Finch family history, in part, involves an attempt to assuage the guilt of the slave trade.

•Piety -
(noun): The quality of being religious or reverent. The novel uses this word to discuss the religious adherence and moral integrity of various characters, particularly Atticus Finch, who is a model of piety in both his professional and personal life.

•Taciturn -
(adjective): Reserved or uncommunicative in speech; saying little. This adjective is used to describe the character of Boo Radley, who is a reclusive neighbor that rarely speaks or interacts with the outside world.


SAT WOW (4/8-4/12) in Google Classroom

SAT WOW (4/8-4/12)

This is a somewhat different style we are going to try. It will also save on paper. If you want to use these as part of your notebook, then you'll need to print them, but they are not focused notes. 


SAT WOW 3/18 To Kill a Mockingbird in Google Classroom

SAT WOW 3/18 To Kill a Mockingbird

Here are a few SAT words from To Kill a Mockingbird with example sentences.
Please create a vocabulary list that you can use for focused notes.

1.      Imprudent (adj.) - lacking good judgment, unwise
"Atticus's decision to defend Tom Robinson was considered imprudent by many in Maycomb."

2.      Invective (n.) - a bitter or abusive verbal attack
"Mrs. Dubose's invective against Jem and Scout revealed her own deep-seated prejudices."

3.      Malevolent (adj.) - wishing or intending to do evil to others
"Boo Radley's reputation as a malevolent creature was fueled by rumors and fear."

4.      Benevolent (adj.) - kind and helpful; showing goodwill
"Atticus displayed his benevolent nature by treating everyone with respect, regardless of their social standing."


60 Second Speech with Tuesday TRF in Google Classroom

60 Second Speech with Tuesday TRF

Informative or persuasive short presentation recorded on Zoom, Flip, YouTube, or some other way. Share a link to you video in the Google Drive or online.

Use the attachment option to provide a link to your video. It can be in your Google Drive, on Youtube, or some other place. It is up to you. 


SAT WOW 2/9 in Google Classroom


In case you missed it from a few weeks ago. If it is late, please bring it to class.


9/9 - University and Career in Google Classroom

9/9 - University and Career


9/7 - Diversity in Google Classroom

9/7 - Diversity


9/6 - What is your Motivation in Google Classroom

9/6 - What is your Motivation


Student Survey in Google Classroom

Student Survey


Syllabus Quiz in Google Classroom

Syllabus Quiz

Read the syllabus and take the quiz. You must pass with 100%, if you don't, then take it again until you do.


When I Grow Up in Google Classroom

When I Grow Up

fill out the slide attached


Favorite Food in Google Classroom

Favorite Food

Fill out the google slide attached and be prepared to present it to the class


8/29 - Selfie Picture of Pyramid in Google Classroom

8/29 - Selfie Picture of Pyramid