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Three Valencia students earned perfect scores on their AP Exams in May 2017.

Three Valencia students earned perfect scores on their AP Exams in May 2017.

Naadir Jamal, AP Microeconomics Exam, 1 of 26 perfect scores
Coaminh Le, AP Computer Science A Exam, 1 of 112 perfect scores
Lauren Mard, AP Computer Science A Exam, 1 of 112 perfect scores

As a point of reference, only 511 students in the world earned every point possible on an AP Exam. Only 50 schools had two students with perfect scores and only 13 schools in the nation had three students earn perfect scores.

These extraordinary academic accomplishments are likely a direct reflection of the top-quality education being offered by our teachers, Fred Jenkins and Jason Parker.
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JOIN LINK CREW!! Click here to fill out the application.

Link Crew is a Club at Valencia High School in which upperclassmen (juniors and seniors) are paired with freshmen. Your responsibility as a member of Link Crew will be to reach out, connect and befriend freshmen. You will need to make 5 - 10 cards and letters per event and you will need to attend ALL events outside of school hours (you will only get one exception). Events will include, but are not limited to, a May training day, an August training/freshman seminar day, early arrival to the first day of school, a football game tailgate, movie nights, a cram session around finals tim and writing letters to your freshmen about once a month. Dates are TBD and events are subject to change. We are looking for outgoing and highly motivated students who will support and connect with younger students at VHS. If you cannot attend events or create cards/letters please do not apply. If you have any questions please visit Mrs. Bonet (rm 112), Miss Rizzo (rm 102) or Miss Thayer (rm 1116) or visit for teacher's email contact.

To be an eligible Link Crew Leader you will need to speak with two teachers on the VHS campus who can act as your reference. These teachers will be contacted to ensure you are the best fit for Link Crew. Please fill out the application in the link in the title if you are interested. You can expect to hear back from us by March 31st. Make sure to check your email around that time for your interview date and time.
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Financial Aid Workshops- Every Thursday in February!

VHS will be hosting Financial Aid Workshops for seniors and their parents to assist in filling out the FAFSA or California Dream Act Applications. Representatives from SCC will be going over the applications step by step and will be available to answer any questions you may have. Workshops will be held in the College and Career Center from 3:00pm- 4:00pm every Thursday in February!

Don't forget, all Financial Aid Applications are due MARCH 2nd!
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Science Olympiad team placed 6th overall in competition​ this past weekend​!

I am proud to announce that our Science Olympiad team placed 6th overall in competition​ this past weekend​!
. Please be sure to congratulate the team and coaches when you see them.

Here is how we did on the individual events:

1st in Write it Do it - Erika and Erin Kim
3rd in Optics - JiYoo Jeong and John Han
3rd in Rocks and Minerals - Meghan Wang and Sharon Wang
4th in Chemistry Lab - Meghan Wang and Jiwon Jeong
4th in Dynamic Planet - Magen Pham and Jiwon Jeong
5th in Mousetrap vehicle - Andy Hon and Ryan Hon
6th in Disease Detectives - Erin Kim and Connie Chang-Chien
6th in Ecology - Magen Pham and Sharon Wang
6th in Game On - Verna Chang and Erin Kim
6th in Materials science - Jiwon Jeong and Joseph Park
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Congratulations to Val Tech senior, Rayna Patel for being crowned Miss Yorba Linda at the scholarship pageant held this past Saturday.

With smiles and waves, the newly crowned Miss Placentia and Miss Yorba Linda walked the stage Saturday at Valencia High to the cheers of the night’s audience.

Representing their communities for the next year, including in the Miss California competition this summer, will be Miss Placentia 2018 Bella Vino and Miss Yorba Linda 2018 Rayna Patel. Full story in link above.
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Check out the article on Distributed Leadership Distributed leadership at Valencia High School!!! Click here to see P21 article.

Distributed leadership is a cultural value that runs deep at Valencia High School (Placentia, CA). Of course, the school has the usual array of typical leadership positions such as administration, department chairs, coaches and association representatives, but VHS also boasts more than twenty staff leaders who facilitate a robust assortment of specialized programs aimed at engaging all students.

VHS has also expanded student leadership through three sections of ASB, Link Crew and more. In fact, VHS' School Site Council, a group of parents, staff, and student leaders, recently selected a student as president. All programs are linked with the common mission of maximizing learning for every student in a nurturing environment with high expectations for all.
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Tiger University: Community College Applications- February 5, 2018

Attention Parents and Students: Tiger University will be hosting a community college application workshop on Monday February 5th at 7:30am in the College and Career Center. We will be going step by step through the application process and will answer any questions you may have regarding community college. Come by the morning of February 5th to learn more!
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Eighty-six Orange County students were selected by their high schools for their efforts to strengthen their communities, think creatively, conserve nature and live healthier as part of the Disneyland Resort’s “Dreamers & Doers” awards.

Disneyland Resort's Dreamers & Doers logo. The community service program was created by the resort with the goal of encouraging and spotlighting high schoolers who give back to their communities through volunteering and other work.

Please join me in congratulating Steven Baek, 12th, and Destiny LaFlower-Somerville, 12th, for being named as Disneyland Resort's Dreamers and Doers!!!
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